Great job stepping up your brushing game.

It might feel different than what you’re used to, so let’s check out everything your electric brush can do to get you to a new level of clean—fast.

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Ready to Start Brushing?
Check out these tips before powering on so you can get that next-level clean.



Let’s Keep Things Simple with 3 Easy Steps

Your brush is charged and ready to go! To ease into it, give Sensitive Mode a try—we’ve already set it for you.

Cover the Brush with Toothpaste

You may notice more foam with electric. That just means it’s removing all the gunk from your teeth.

Place and Power On

Before you power on, place the brush with paste in your mouth.

Let the Brush Do the Work

Simply guide the brush as it cups each tooth, no need to scrub!

Let’s Take It from the Top: The Brush Head

Our round brush head hugs, cleans, and gets in between teeth, reaching areas a rectangular brush can't. Get ready to notice a big difference!

Watch Video to See How Round Cleans Better

Let’s Talk Bristles

Bristles lose their touch. Change your brush head every 3 months for 100% cleaning power.

When bristles fade to white, you’ll know it’s time to swap.

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Find Your Fit

Check out the different brush heads to see which is best for your smile.

Select brush head to see more

Use the Right Pressure

Lighten up your gum care—the brush slows down for you if you ever overdo it.

Watch Video to See How the Sensor Works



Gentle on Gums, Tough on Plaque

Brushing too hard doesn’t clean better, and it can hurt your gums!


Your Clean, Your Way: Settings

Your brush is set to Sensitive, but you can try out all 3 settings by pressing the Power button.

Watch Video to Check Out the Settings



Caring for Your Brush is Easy — here's how!

Fun fact: your brush is waterproof —some people even use it in the shower.

Charging Base

Your Brush comes charged and ready to go.

Keep your brush on the charger, or not—it’s your choice.

It’s designed to never overcharge for max battery life.


You’re All Set. Let’s start brushing!

A few things to check off if you haven’t yet:

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