How can I get my Oral-B electric toothbrush serviced?

Our Oral-B electric toothbrushes are covered by a 2 year warranty and Oral-B will cover all repair costs and return shipping as long as the product is under warranty.

For In Warranty Repairs: Follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit to find details of your closest Braun/Oral-B Authorized Service Center.
  2. Send the product directly to the Service Center of your choice including:
  • All components which came with the unit at time of purchase (charger, cord...)
  • A copy of your proof of purchase(always keep a copy for yourself)
  • A letter including the following information: your name, return mailing address, contact phone number, e-mail address and a brief explanation of the problem you're experiencing with the product

The Braun/Oral-B Service center will send you e-mail updates: when the product is received and when product is shipped back along with a tracking number.

All products sent in for repair must be well packaged and sent in a box suitable to withstand normal freight handling. It is recommended that your package is appropriately insured and shipped using a carrier who can provide tracking. We will cover all repair costs and return shipping to you.

For Out of Warranty Repairs: you can still send your device to a Braun/Oral-B Authorized Service Center for repair at your own cost. If the product warranty has expired, a quote for the repair will be sent to you for approval and payment, prior to any repair being made. Before shipping your device, we recommend you call the authorized Service Center to discuss your repair needs.

If the tips don't help, and you don't have your toothbrush receipt, the best thing to do would be contacting one of our service centers. You'll be able to find your nearest service center, complete with contact details, by following this link, choosing 'Oral-B power toothbrushes' on the left, and your state on the right.