Toothpaste Flavors: Something for Every Taste

Toothpaste Flavors: Something for Every Taste article banner

Making Oral Care More Exciting with Different Toothpaste Flavors

Once upon a time, toothpaste just tasted like, well, toothpaste.

For many years, the only flavor choices were mint, and perhaps peppermint or spearmint.

The old standbys remain popular, but these days, toothpastes also come in spicy flavors such as fennel or cinnamon-clove, or even in fruit flavors such as apricot or peach.

Recently, toothpastes have adopted more trendy flavors. If you’re interested in trying a new flavor or type of toothpaste, but don’t want to commit to a whole tube in case you don’t like it, ask your dental professional for a free toothpaste sample. Or check online for coupons so you can try different types at a discount. Also, travel-sized toothpaste is available for purchase at most discount department stores or pharmacies.

Of course, toothpaste flavors designed to appeal to kids can help make oral care more exciting. If your child is less than enthusiastic about oral care because he or she doesn’t like standard toothpaste flavors, consider fun flavors made for kids. Most come in child-friendly packages and have milder flavors than standard toothpaste.

The key goal is to develop good oral care habits by making twice-daily brushing and daily flossing more fun.