What Is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Braces?

What Is the Best Electric Toothbrush for Braces? article banner

When you wear braces, plaque has more places to accumulate and build up. Learn how our electric toothbrushes more effectively clean around braces to remove plaque and help prevent gum disease

Oscillating-Rotating Power

It’s more difficult to clean hard-to-reach areas and along the gum line when wearing braces.However, the oscillating-rotating power of Oral-B® Electric Toothbrushes does the work for you and removes 100% more plaque than manual toothbrushes.

Specially Designed Brush Head

The Ortho Brush Head has specially designed bristles to easily and effectively remove plaque around brackets and other orthodontic appliances. Simply let your brush head rest for 1 to 2 seconds on each tooth, and then guide it along in the same manner you would if you were brushing without braces.

Your Choice of Cleaning Modes

All of our electric toothbrushes have the Daily Clean mode, which walks you through a full two-minute clean, but some also include a variety of modes. The Deep Clean mode guides you through an extra minute on your routine to make sure you spend enough time removing plaque around your braces, while the Massage mode lightly cleans gums to help protect against gingivitis.