Can I use my Oral-B electric toothbrush charger abroad? Is the charger dual voltage?

Our Oral-B electric toothbrushes all come with region specific battery chargers. To use them abroad you may require a voltage converter, plug adapter, or both as it depends on the country you are traveling to.

Follow these simple steps to find out if you can use your toothbrush abroad:

  • Check the voltage printed on the base of your charger
  • Check the voltage of the country you are travelling to
  • Check the list below to find out if you need a voltage converter

Printed on base - 100-240V

  • Where can it be used? - Globally
  • Do I need a voltage convertor? - No

Printed on base - 220-240V

  • Where can it be used? - In countries with 200-240V (e.g. most European countries, AAI area, NOT US/Canada)
  • Do I need a voltage convertor? - Yes if the voltage of the country you are travelling to is less than 220V

Printed on base - 110 Volts 60 Cycles

  • Where can it be used? - In countries with 110 volts (e.g. US/Canada)
  • Do I need a voltage convertor? - Yes if the voltage of the country you are travelling to is higher than 110V

What is a plug adapter?

They allow a dual-voltage appliance from one country to be plugged into the wall outlet of another country. They do not convert electricity.

What is a voltage converter?

An electric power conversion device is used to change the electrical output of a power source. You can find plug adapters & voltage converters at most electronics or travel stores. Oral-B does not make either.

Can the Oral-B Pro 1000 be charged internationally?

Our Genius toothbrushes are the only ones from our current range that can be used worldwide, as they come with a smart plug that adapts to different voltages.If you check the voltage on the base of a Oral-B Pro 1000 charger, as it was purchased in the U.S you will see that it says 110volts 60 Cycles. This means that it is not dual voltage and is only suitable to be used with this charger in places that have that voltage.

If you wish to use your toothbrush in other countries, such as Europe, you can purchase a suitable charger with the correct voltage or use a voltage converter.

Is the Oral-B Pro 3000 dual-voltage?

Our Oral-B Pro 3000 toothbrushes (and, in fact, all Oral-B Pro or Vitality toothbrushes) are not dual-voltage, so they can only be used with the voltage of the region in which they're intended to be sold. The voltage of charger each toothbrush is bundled with is listed on the packaging, typically on the underside. If purchasing online, you should be able to request this information from the retailer.

The Oral-B Genius comes with the Dual-Voltage Smart Charger

Our Oral-B Genius 8000 comes with a special case called our Smart Travel Case, which in turn comes with a Smart Charger. This charger is dual-voltage. None of our other chargers for any Oral-B toothbrush is dual voltage.